A Food Business: From Struggle To Profits

Many years ago, I was the bar manager for a small restaurant in Long Beach. I’d like to think that my drinks were above average. But it was nothing compared to the food when it was prepared correctly. For the most part, it was a decent business. However, it did have a few things working against it. The first and foremost was the type of food. While I love Caribbean food, it is pretty much a niche market and a great deal of Southern Californians aren’t the biggest fans. The second issue was the inconsistency of the food. Some days it was incredible. Other days, well if the truth were to be told, it was merely passable. With that being said, there was one item on the menu that was amazing no matter what day it was, and that was the Jamaican jerk sauce.

After awhile, the business began to fail. However, what the owners never realized is that they had a potential goldmine in their kitchen. Their jerk sauce was incredible and many of the patrons went out of their way to comment on the quality of this item. If only they had possessed the foresight to consider packaging and selling it.

These days, it really isn’t too difficult to get a food business started. While the initial thought is that it may be quite difficult with all of the regulations and the like, the truth of the matter is quite different. Of course the safe handling of any product is a necessity. But the hoops a food business has to jump through are quite easy as long as some simple common sense is involved.

The point is, this Caribbean restaurant didn’t have to fail. If we’d only had the foresight.

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